Brittany Elliott, Senior Accountant

I came to ARB from a smaller firm where I spent four years. Before I made a final decision about my next career move, I did my research. Not only had I heard many positive things about ARB in the Portland business community, I was drawn to the idea of doing both audit and tax, which is unique among CPA firms. I also wanted to work with a firm that prioritized career advancement.

Industry credibility

ARB lets me pick industry niches that interest me and focus my work in those areas. I’m currently working with the Automotive Dealer, Credit Union and Non-Profit Groups and attend industry trade events with the ARB team. Not only is it great experience, I’m building expertise and a name for myself in those industries.

Invested in career growth

Some firms say that they care about career growth, but ARB makes it a huge priority. They provide opportunities for continuing education (CPE), time to study for CPA exams during down time, and they encourage us to continue taking on more responsibility and engagements.

Positive vibe

There’s a great internal vibe among colleagues at ARB. The firm is growing, and it’s exciting to be part of that momentum. We’re also a group where many co-workers are friends outside of the office.

ARB in one word?

Flexible.” Whether you’re working remotely one day or collaborating with your team on a client engagement, we all work hard, but ARB gives us the freedom and flexibility to succeed.