Everett_Laura_TestimonialLaura Everett, Senior Manager

Private vs. Public Accounting

When I first graduated from college, I spent three years in private accounting with an auto dealership. While it was valuable to learn the ins and outs of the dealership, I quickly realized that public accounting would provide me with a wider range of learning and growth opportunities.

Finding my niche

As I started looking for a position with a Maine CPA firm, the first thing that attracted me to ARB was its clients. A classmate of mine, who was also an ARB employee at the time, told me about their auto dealer niche. Since ARB specializes in various industry niches, I felt that my auto dealership background and ARB’s dealer niche were a perfect fit.

Bigger isn’t always better.

A mid-size firm was appealing to me. I wanted to stand out from my co-workers and not get lost in a sea of employees. Even though ARB is considered to be a mid-size firm, its industry knowledge, client base and technology rivals larger firms. I love that I know the names of my co-workers and the roles they play in the firm. ARB’s size also allows me to gain experience in both audit and tax and gives me the ability to become an expert in various industries. Mid-size firms have many great learning opportunities that are overshadowed by the “Big Four” firms we all hear about in college.

ARB in one word?

“Supportive. ARB understands work/life balance and allows flexible work schedules and the ability to work remotely when family/work schedules conflict or when the weather is bad.

Favorite thing about Maine?

The beautiful Maine coastline (which is very close to ARB’s office!).