A holistic approach, new efficiencies bring specialty contractor up-to-date

The problem: 

A specialty contractor and fabricator had grown from a small shop to a recognized, mid-size company. As they progressed, their accounting and job costing systems lagged behind. Lacking familiarity with construction-specific software solutions, they knew it was time to bring their systems up-to-date, but they needed guidance.

Our solution: 

ARB’s construction team used a holistic approach to give the company a 360-degree view of its financial and operational picture; this was achieved by reviewing all aspects of their business – from job costing and scheduling, estimating and inventory tracking, to project management systems.

During our initial assessment of the company, we identified weak job costing and reporting capabilities in their existing antiquated system. We then helped them navigate the process of selecting and implementing construction-specific software. By introducing them to a new system and guiding the implementation process, they quickly realized the advantages of its job cost and custom financial reporting, improved job scheduling and cutting-edge project and document management functionalities.

During the software selection and roll-out process, our team also identified other critical issues, including improper sales and use tax calculations, HR compliance issues and the need for tax-saving modifications to their employee benefits plans.

The result: 

The client’s enhanced software gives them an early warning detection system to quickly measure project profit fade and gain, as well as providing them real-time access to vital financial data. Detailed job cost information and reporting are a few clicks away. With an up-to-date software system in place, the company has improved its internal processes and enhanced productivity, saving them time and money.

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