The ARB Job Profitability Analysis Tool

A simple, effective tool for measuring profitability across construction jobs

The ARB Job Profitability Analysis Tool

Download the ARB Job Profitability Analysis Tool as an Excel document here.

Year-end is a great time to analyze the construction jobs that were the most profitable for your business. ARB has developed a simple job profitability analysis tool that allows you to quickly:

  • Find common denominators: By organizing and sorting columns of data ranging from profit gain to level of difficulty, you can isolate low margin jobs and their causes, and find the common denominator among profitable and unprofitable jobs;
  • Identify your sweet spot: Categorize your most profitable projects by contract type;
  • Analyze trends: Compare and contrast projects based upon duration, distance from the office and other relevant factors and trends.

By routinely evaluating the profitability of your construction contracts with this simple analysis tool, you can better determine the contracts that are an ideal fit for your business.

Download ARB’s Job Profitability Analysis Tool as an excel file here.