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OMB Issues Guidance to Federal Agencies for Administering Federal Awards

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued Memorandum M-20-22, which provides federal agencies with guiding principles to aid federal contractors and award recipients in maintaining their ability to perform on the terms of the contracts. These principles include strategies for maximizing telework and extending performance dates, or reimbursing paid leave if work solutions


The CARES Act for Nonprofits

This past couple of weeks, we’ve shared a lot of information about the three recently passed pieces of legislation that are the direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. With a little breather before the next round of government action, we thought we would share with our clients and friends in the NPO industry some thoughts


U.S Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Issues Administrative Relief for Organizations Receiving Federal Grants and Aid

On March 19th, the OMB issued M-20-11 to provide relief to grant and award recipients and flexibility to the awarding agencies in order to expedite funding of grants to recipients affected by COVID-19. Exceptions to grant requirements under administrative provisions of the awards are being permitted, but must be documented by the agencies. This memorandum