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Cost Segregation Studies: Taking Full Advantage of Accelerated Depreciation

When a building asset hits your books as a fixed asset, whether due to purchase, construction, or renovation, the straight-line depreciation method tells us to plop it in one of two bins, 39-year properties or 27.5-year properties, and await your taxable income deductions for each year of the recovery period. By redefining the recovery period


Revisiting the Opportunity Zone Tax Deferral Provision

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) established section 199A to help reduce income tax liability for individuals, trusts, and estates to parallel the rate reduction for corporations. With two years separating us from TCJA implementation, it’s certainly worth revisiting key areas where you and your related ventures may find substantial tax benefits.


Auto Dealership Opportunities in the Tax Code

Tax Incentives For Auto Dealers Auto dealers by instinct are always looking for the edge, and when it comes to income taxes they are looking for ideas and ways to reduce or mitigate their income tax liabilities. This article outlines a few concepts which auto dealers could use to help reduce their income tax obligations.