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Auto Dealership Opportunities in the Tax Code

Tax Incentives For Auto Dealers Auto dealers by instinct are always looking for the edge, and when it comes to income taxes they are looking for ideas and ways to reduce or mitigate their income tax liabilities. This article outlines a few concepts which auto dealers could use to help reduce their income tax obligations.


Forecasting 2020 for the Automotive Industry

Although 2019 wasn’t a record sales year for the automotive industry, it was still a solid year, and many dealers were profitable. According to most economists, the 2020 forecast shows we aren’t likely to experience a significant decline in volume, with most showing only a slight decline, for the next several years. Across the industry,


Proposed Regulation Big Win For Auto Dealers

On Friday, September 13th the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service released final regulations and additional proposed regulations under IRC Section 168(k) that address guidance for 100% bonus depreciation that may be available to auto dealers. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA) created new law for 2018 that limits the deductibility of a business’s