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U.S Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Issues Administrative Relief for Organizations Receiving Federal Grants and Aid

On March 19th, the OMB issued M-20-11 to provide relief to grant and award recipients and flexibility to the awarding agencies in order to expedite funding of grants to recipients affected by COVID-19. Exceptions to grant requirements under administrative provisions of the awards are being permitted, but must be documented by the agencies. This memorandum


Presenting Financial Statements to Your Board of Directors

As a nonprofit organization, governance lies with your Board of Directors. The Board holds the ultimate responsibility for your organization, including tax and reporting compliance, and are tasked with upholding your organization’s mission, strategy, and goals. The decisions your board makes set your organization’s policies and procedures, and those decisions affect daily operations and your


Nonprofits Set to Save on Employee Transportation Costs with Passage of New Spending Bill

A newly passed federal spending bill has wide-ranging implications for both businesses and individuals, but one key section is of particular note for nonprofits that provide parking to employees. A controversial fringe benefits tax imposed on tax-exempt employers is set to be repealed, representing thousands of dollars in potential savings for these employers. The Further