Succession Planning Services

Succession Planning Services

Often your business represents your largest financial asset, and perhaps a lifetime of work. At some point you will be ready to leave it. Altus Exit Strategies, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARB, provides business succession planning services can help you prepare for the successful exit you desire.

Ideally, succession planning services begin many years before you plan to exit. Whether you plan to pass your business to family members, sell your interest to a partner, sell the company to an employee group, or seek an outside buyer, the operational, and financial considerations of business succession demand long-range planning and a team of CPAs and advisors who work together to educate you and help you create your own comprehensive exit plan.

How We Do It

Succession planning is more than identifying a successor owner and determining whether your business will be gifted or sold. It includes putting in place strategic operational and financial processes to maximize the value of your business before you make one of the most important transitions of your life.

Our Altus Exit Strategies team will take you through our Seven-Step Exit Planning Preparation™ process to help you examine all of the options available to you and then guide you in creating a succession plan. The planning process may include guidance in the areas of business valuation, organizational development, profitability improvement, strategic planning, key employee incentive, asset protection, business continuity planning planning, tax minimization strategies – depending on your needs. Since no one person can be a specialist in everything, we deploy a team approach to client service.

Once a business succession plan is created, the process continues as the ARB team helps you implement and re-evaluate your plan, to ensure that it remains relevant to your changing circumstances.

Comprehensive Exit Planning
Key Employee Compensation Plans
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Consulting
Key Person Insurance Planning

Utilizing the Seven Step Exit Planning Process™, we work to identify and to accomplish your goals in exiting your business.

Align your key employees’s compensation plans with actions that will increase the value of your company.

Understand the annual compliance required after ESOP creation in conjunction with succession planning.

Provide for the financial well-being of your key employees and your family should you die or become incapacitated.

Pre-Sale Due Diligence
Identify Key Value Drivers
Identify Successors or Suitable Buyers
Value and Marketability Assessment

Get the facts before you make a major decision.

Identify and implement strategies to enhance your company’s Key Value Drivers to generate a premium price for your business.

Make a plan for the best method for your exit, whether it be a sale to a third party or a transfer to family, co-owners, or employees.

See the impact of various possibilities before finalizing a sale or transfer.

Tax Strategies
Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements
Estate Planning

Tax analysis, tax projections, tax minimization strategies, and tax structuring.

Work with the advisory team to ensure the agreement meets the legal and tax requirements of the transaction structure.

Work as a member of the team of attorneys, financial advisors, and others to develop and align your business and estate tax plans.

The Seven Step Exit Planning Process™


When do you want to exit? How Much income will you need? To whom will you leave the business?


How much is your business worth? What will the business' cash flow likely be? What about income from non-business investments?


Do you know how to increase the value of your ownership interest? What about protecting the value you've already created?


Do you know how to sell your business to a third party? How will you maximize your cash and minimize your risk and tax liability?


Do you know how to transfer your business to family, co-owners or employees?


Will your business continue if you do not?


Have you provided for your family's financial we-being should you die or become incapacitated? Before and after your ownership transfer?

Our Exit Planning system is a process, not a product. We aren’t vested in promoting a particular goal. Instead, we work to identify and to accomplish your goals. Our system works because it is a customizable process that takes you to the successful exit you desire. Sign up for our e-newsletters to learn more about the exit planning process.

Leaving Your Business is Inevitable

A white paper on the Exit Planning Process

Our quick 15-minute Assessment helps you evaluate your readiness. Or, learn more about our Seven Step Exit Planning Process™ and how to develop a road map and plan for exiting your business. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals for transitioning away from your business.

How We’re Helping Businesses with Succession

Valuation and KPIs: Determining not only the value of a business today, but what business changes will push the most to the bottom line over so the owner will get the highest value when he or she exits in the next few years. We Identify and help implement strategies to enhance a company’s Value Drivers to generate a premium price for their business.  

Gap Analysis: Determining whether a gap exists between the resources owners have today and the resources owners will need to achieve their financial goals. The Gap Analysis gives owners a new and more realistic understanding of how much time, capital, and effort it will take to get from where they are to where they want and need to be.

Emergency Operating Plan:  This written plan serves as a non-binding guide for the families of business owners. It provides suggestions and instructions for how the owner’s family should address business and personal financial issues in the event of the owner’s untimely death or incapacitation.

Succession Planning Services Team Leaders

David V. Jean, CPA, CCIFP, CExP | Principal 

Succession Planning Services Practice Leader

David works with business owners who want to improve the value of their business before they sell through Altus Exit Strategies’ Seven-Step Exit Planning Preparation™ process. He has worked with companies from $5 million to $50 million in revenue across a range of industries.